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Friday, March 10, 2023

Perkongsian Cikgu Juara Digital Anjuran Persatuan Guru STEM Malaysia & Akademi Youtuber

Terima kasih MDEC atas perkongsian utk #CJD dan Johan #CJD Tahun 2021 anjuran Persatuan Guru STEM Malaysia & Akademi Youtuber. Sedikit maklumat penting yang diambil daripada sesi perkongsian ini. 

Taburan #CJD di setiap negeri

        Proses Penjurian #CJD 2023

       Kepakaran #CJD

Peranan #CJD

Aktiviti-aktiviti yang telah dijalankan oleh MDEC

Kategori pemilihan #CJD 2023 (Terbuka kepada kategori guru, pentadbir dan guru-guru pra sekolah)

Untuk ulang balik video, sila rujuk link-link di bawah.  

Link Akademi Youtuber:  

Link Persatuan STEM 
Semoga berjaya.

Saturday, February 25, 2023


Managed to buy my own domain and finally updated my blog. Now, I am an official Edublogger! 


 ChatGPT. The latest technology for smart learning. To get the certificate, just need to watch a few tutorial videos and answer a survey.

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Certified Book Author

 Book Author, another interesting platform for producing digital book. Wish to have more time to implement fun digital activities with students while improving their English.  If only our English syllabus allows for more flexibility for teachers to design their own syllabus...

Microsoft Certificates

 I have earned many certificates in Microsoft through Microsoft Learn.  Below are some of my Microsoft Certificates.  

Microsoft Advanced Educator

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator


Minecraft Education Teacher Academy

Microsoft Educator Academy

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Wakelet Student Ambassador

 Below are the links to my students' work and collaborative project in order to be Wakelet Students' Ambassador.  Bravo to all completing the project all on their own.  

Yuvavarshanaa D/O Shanmogam

Joannie Liza De Gracious

Afiqah Chong

Michelle Wong Mee Hui

Reethika Jeyapragas

Durga Devi

Visha D/O Ganesan

Edpuzzle Coach

 Below are the stages that I have gone through to get my Edpuzzle Coach. 

Wakelet Ambassador

 In order to be Wakelet Ambassador, first we need to be Wakelet Certified

Then, Wakelet Community Leader

Conduct Wakelet training

And finally, apply for Wakelet Ambassador!

Kahoot! Ambassador (2022-2023)

 Yeah!  I have finally appointed as Kahoot Ambassador!  I think it's because I have passed most of the Kahoot tests.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Google Certified Educator

 One of the hardest ICT test that I have ever sat for.  Thanks to my Akademi Youtuber teachers, Cg LK and Cg Linnzack who have been providing a lot of assistance to us to pass the test.